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Jagsun Industries is one the booming and rice trading accentuating industry situated in the capital city Delhi. It was established in 1986 with an aim of providing best quality products to their consumers without any constraints or barriers eroding their growth in the corporate world. Jagsun rice trading Industry is operated by the current designated Director Mr.Gaurav Gupta.It is also consider as one of the finest and the remarkable industries which gives special value to the services of their trusting clients. It largely covers the national as well as the International corporate market and is also affiliated with leading corporate Industries in order to provide best solutions for your services. Indian Smart Hub is a platform established by the Jagsun Industries where varied forms of services are provided for a better results and enhancement in the requirements given by our clients. It caters on four staunch pillars which are subdivided according to the needs of our associates and clients.


• Edu Basket

• Financial flux

• Smart serve

• Creative gallery

Edu Basket

This particular portal has been created in order to maintain the high level of education standards for any of our clients looking for effective solutions. It has backed by impacting mind-sets instilled with great researching capabilities for best results. Edu basket covers wide range of educational services of all sorts and manners. If any sort of barrier has clogged the flow of your services in the field of education, then, this should be an easy way out for any client having the same interests. Even it provides installation of automation in education campus, documents for getting registered medical treatment, whatever is your need? Jolt yourself here to fulfil it. It comprises of few sub ordinates:

 Jagsun Edu

 K12 Publishing

 Digital teaching AID

 Future planner


In the times of recession and uprising in the on-going corporate market, it is very essential for any firm to handle their financial needs and is also essential to maintain the fluctuation exists in the day to day financial data. Our platform provides this particular portal with a plan to enhance the abilities of your company in the sector of finance. There are plenty of services which restrict your purpose to build further, which includes registration or making of your passport, filling requirements of Digital signature certificate or fulfilling the requirement of DIN for filling the Income Tax returns or even the important need of GST registration and certification of your company. This particular platform is built to wither all your worries regarding such issues as ISH has an innovative bunch of corporate thinkers which balance such issues while giving you a complete satisfaction. If you’re planning a voyage without any restrictions this is an effective arena for even providing travel documents and also build up on your needs by maintaining your business or a website.


This is an inducing stage meant to cater the needs of your daily day to day services for your regular fulfilment, which are the necessity for an individual in today’s norm. Whether it’s dealing with KYC of your Paytm or Sim card linkage of your Aadhar card, Smart Serve is an easy way out for your daily services which most of us seek every day. It could be the solution for mobile gas, electricity, landline, broadband bills or even DTH metro card recharges and charity donations. This particular space is meant to ease your plans to get such services punctually. Smart serve is also capable in providing you regular requirement of booking tickets while bumping with the availing striking offers like getting cash back or discounts.


Isn’t it is essential for any company or a start-up firm to strike their consumers with an innovative creative approach for a better established future in the corporate world? It is! And that’s why, our firm believes in giving our clients such an inducing service which not only help them to grow further but at the same time helps in enhancing the dialects of their vision. Our artistic visionaries not only work together to rebuild the structure of your brand but also with their innovative creative ideas nurture your image through their out of the box approach. We deal in giving daunting texture for your brand, builds in the structure of your name through Digital marketing, branding your established vision, providing ORM or even in the field of design and development. The team of hardworking creative professionals believe in impacting services while giving an artistic reflection to it.

Indian Smart Hub is an effective robust way of building the status of your company, brand or even personal needs essential for your convenience. It is refined in such a manner that it will upgrade your style, appearance and the ingredients of your product through which you’ll be able to dream and grow without having constraints in your way of success. ISH is a trustworthy platform for the ones who want an eclectic image of their firm with an indelible effect in the long run.