In this era, technologies are increasing day by day. Nowadays everything is online and you can do a lot of work just in a click.

Basically software service of Indian Smart Hub decrease your work load rather make it more efficient in less time.

Papaya software is one of the service of this category, it’s all related between school and ISH. It is very secure with three layers of firewall. It’s main aim to provides complete end-to-end solution ,complete automation for schools,college and institutes. Similarly our .in software works. And there is one service Raahi which provides you information about live tracking ,geo fencing, route deviation etc. In short it gives live details about anyone’s location.

We made these softwares to make your life easy and more efficient.This will help you in your business progress and in spreading of your business. We care about you and your dreams! Contact us to avail these facilities

Indian Smart HUB is coming up with the break through software innovations.

A perfect amalgamation of Art and engineering is what our Softwares are designed to be.

Our softwares have got limitless potential to solve the homo sapiens drawbacks and that's why we plunged deep into the world of Technology.